Luka Crnič

I am an assistant professor in the Language, Logic and Cognition Center and the Department of Linguistics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I received my PhD in linguistics from MIT and, prior to that, studied linguistics, philosophy and mathematics at the University of Tübingen. My work is primarily in semantics and its interfaces. For more information, you can look at my latest CV (updated 06/11/2016). You can contact me via email.

The Art and Craft of Semantics: A Festschrift for Irene Heim.
2014. Vols. 1 and 2. Cambridge, MA: MIT Working Papers in Linguistics. Print version: here and here. (co-edited with Uli Sauerland)

Equatives and maximality.
2017. Manuscript, Hebrew University & MIT. (with Danny Fox)

More on less.
2017. In: Lamont, Andrew and Katerina Tetzlaff (eds.) Proceedings of NELS 47 (in production). (abstract based on a negation-based analysis of comparatives, slides with existential closure vs. maximality operator implementation)

A note on connected exceptive phrases.
2016. Manuscript, Hebrew University.

Free choice under ellipsis.
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Introduction: Irene Heim - Biographical Notes.
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Against a Dogma on NPI Licensing.
2014. In: Crnič, Luka and Uli Sauerland. The Art and Craft of Semantics: A Festschrift for Irene Heim. Vol. 1. Cambridge, MA: MIT Working Papers in Linguistics.

Non-monotonicity in NPI Licensing.
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Pragmatics of epistemics in attitudes: A reply to Anand & Hacquard (2013).
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Ruin and restitution.
2008. Natural Language Semantics 16: 111-114. (with Sigrid Beck and Thilo Götz)

On the impediment of logical reasoning by non-logical inferential methods.
2017. Slides for a talk in the special session 'Semantics and Natural Logic' at Sinn und Bedeutung 22, held at the University of Potsdam (09/2017). (with Andreas Haida and Yosef Grodzinsky)

Comparative ambiguities with universal modals.
2017. A note on the interpretation of comparatives that contain (non-neg-rasing) universal modals in the standard clause (06/2017).

2017. Slides for an invited talk at UCLA (02/2017).

More on less.
2016. Slides for a talk at NELS 47, held at UMass Amherst (10/2016).

Split scope of negative indefinites with connected exceptives.
2016. A remark on a puzzle facing certain approaches to connected exceptives that involves negative indefinites.

Splitting the atoms of subtractive modification.
2016. Slides for an invited talk at Logic in Language and Conversation (ROSE) workshop, held at Utrecht University (09/2016).

A brief remark on formal alternatives to, and scalar implicatures of, sentences with multiple scalar items.
2016. A comment on some predictions of the strength-based constraint on the derivation of formal alternatives discussed in Fox (2007) (03/2016).

Bar-Hillel and the division of labor in language.
2015. Slides from a general audience presentation given at a symposium commemorating Yehoshua Bar-Hillel's 100th birthday, held at the Israeli Academy of Sciences and Humanities (11/2015).

Dahl's puzzle, Rule H, and Parallelism.
2015. A note on the ellipsis licensing conditions involved in deriving Dahl's puzzle on the basis of Rule H (06/2015, updated 01/2017).

Remarks on the exhaustification approach to NPI licensing.
2014. A handout from a presentation given in the Semantics Circle at ZAS, Berlin (08/2014).

Scope fixing and focus movement.
2013. A poster presented at SALT 24, held at New York University (05/2013).

On the typology of scalar particles.
2012. Slides from the presentation at the GLOW 35 Workshop "Association with Focus" held at the University of Potsdam (03/2012) and at the colloquiua at Ben Gurion University and Tel Aviv University (05/2012).

Getting even.
2011. Doctoral dissertation, MIT (09/2011; fixed typos 11/2011).